Monday, April 1, 2013

Los Artículos

Los Artículos Articles
In Spanish, nouns (sustantivos) are either masculine (m.) or feminine (f.). Each gender has its own article.
el día m. the day
la revista f. the magazine
los hombres m. plural the men
las mujeres f. plural the women
Nouns that end in o are almost always masculine. Nouns that end in a are almost always feminine.

un edificio m. a building
una casa f. a house
unos perros m. plural some dogs
unas gatas f. plural some female cats
To form the plural of a noun, add an s to the end if it ends in a vowel...
the day → the days
the friend → the friends
and an es to the end if it ends in a consonant...
the canal → the canals
If the noun ends in -ion, the accent is dropped for the plural form.
the nation→ the nation


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